Nicole Stamp is a director based in Toronto.  This website is her resume.

Nicole started out as an actor and improviser before moving into directing, then branching out into writing and producing.  This breadth of experience influences her directing work, which is fast-paced, richly detailed, and funny.

Nicole has a strong sense of storytelling and is known for getting exceptional performances out of her actors, filled with detail, humour, and emotional truth.  She is experienced directing adults, teens, and kids, and her ability to empathize and communicate allows her to fluently direct both actors and non-actors.

Nicole is very savvy on social media (she is active on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram), and she is personally able to relate to about 1000000 demographics.  She has extensive experience making content for adults, teens, kids, lgbtq people, ethnically diverse audiences, political audiences, scientists, artists, and average Joes- basically every possible slice of the human pie.

Nicole is fast, friendly, funny, and fun.

You can find her at stampworks (at) gmail (dot) com.

Work experience includes:

STUDIO, FIELD, & VOICE DIRECTOR:  Nicole has directed over 30 promo videos and commercials for companies including MAZDA, Alliance Films, Gallo Wines, the Ontario Elections Campaign.  Directed several award-winning short films. Very comfortable in unpredictable environments; able to come up with great content on location and with very few resources. Able to help inexperienced talent shine.

CONTROL ROOM DIRECTOR:  Nicole’s been a Multi-Camera Director for over 700 hours of live broadcast & live webcast shows, including the pre-season celebrity draft show for The Bachelor Canada, 6 episodes of the digital aftershow for Netflix drama Between; Inside Between for CityTV, The SPACE for TVOntario, and the popular talkshow Your Voice for TVOntario.

AWARDS:  TVOKids won 2 Gemini Awards, among 6 nominations, for shows on which Nicole played a key creative role.  Nicole holds two other awards of note:  A Toronto Arts Award for Excellence and Innovation in Theatre, and a Guinness World Record for playing dodgeball for 36 hours without sleeping.

WEB CONTENT SPECIALIST: Nicole hosted Time Trackers, a TVO series that won the very first Gemini Award for Best Interactive Content.  She also worked on Carmilla, a webseries with 70 million YouTube views, winner of a Canadian Screen Award for Best Digital and shortlisted for a Cannes Lion. Nicole has co-created successful web content for brands including Alliance Films, CityTV, Gallo Wines, Toys’R’Us, Sport Chek, Corus, and TVOntario.

ACTING:  Trained in Meisner Technique, Method, classical theatre, and comedy.  10+ years as a TV and film actor, including roles on The Handmaid’s Tale, Orphan Black, The Expanse, Dan For Mayor, Covert Affairs, Remedy, Living In Your Car, The Next Step, Degrassi, and the wildly popular Shaftesbury webseries Carmilla (over 70 million views!)  (IMDb) Nicole is also an experienced acting teacher including guest faculty at University of Toronto and Sheridan College.

COMEDY:  2 years improvising with the Second City Canadian National Touring Company.  Also wrote, directed, and performed a solo comedy show that toured in Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and England.

ADVERTISING:  1 year as Senior Producer at a boutique advertising agency; 1 year as a Producer-Director at a boutique video production firm. Created viral video, print, and web campaigns for clients including Disney Consumer Products Canada, Alliance Films, eOne Entertainment, Gallo Wines, and several Ontario Elections Campaigns.  Skills: strategizing, copy, user experience, media buys, exceptional and diverse casting, live activations, audience engagement.

HOSTING:  6 years as a Host/Writer on a kids TV show, writing and performing over 10,000 segments on an award-winning show.  This show was broadcast live, which meant lots of last-minute changes, on-the-fly improvisation, and quick thinking.  Also:  hosting for Alliance Films, Tribute Media, Rogers, TIFF, Hot Docs, Discovery Channel, City of Toronto, Vancouver Olympics.  Here’s a 3-minute hosting reel:

THEATRE:  Actor in 50+ critically-acclaimed plays and director of 40+ new Canadian plays.  Press clipping from theatre career.

VOICE:  Series Lead roles on Total Drama: Ridonulous Race, Razzberry Jazzberry Jam, and  3 series which won Gemini Awards: Tumble Town Tales, Word Wizard, and Time Trackers. Other credits include Disney, Jim Henson Company, and Ubisoft. Studied voice acting with numerous prominent teachers.

VIDEO GAMES:  Full performance capture supporting role in a major upcoming title. Voice roles in Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal, and three more upcoming titles.

MUSIC: Professional singer, proficient on flute & recorder, and a solid grounding in musical arrangements- meaning that video and audio editing is fluid, rhythmically-influenced, and syncs beautifully to the backing track.

WRITER: Nicole’s essay, What decent men can do in response to #MeToo, went viral on Facebook- over 70,000 shares and 8,000 comments in one week. CNN then reached out and commissioned it as an op-ed piece. CNN positioned it both on the front page sidebar of CNN.com, and in the top spot on the CNN Opinions page for several days.

SCREENWRITER / PLAYWRIGHT: Numerous promo videos for Alliance Films, Inside Between for CityTV. Several kids TV shows (including TVOKids’ EnviroGirl, and Cookie Jar’s Noonbory).  In-depth screenplay analysis and coverage for the Harold Greenberg Fund.  Invited member of Tarragon and Passe Muraille Playwrights’ Units.  Writer of two critically-acclaimed plays.

MENTORSHIP:  10+ years of dedicated Youth Mentorship, including: Director, Board of Directors, The AMY Project, 9 years as an AMY Project Artist Mentor.  Also: Through Our Eyes Film Projects, CityLights Film Project, Crossing Gibraltar, Future Possibilities Canada, teaching improv in a high-security men’s prison (funny story, ask me some time!).

EDUCATION: University of Toronto (Bachelors Degree in Theatre and English Lit), Sheridan College (Acting Graduate with High Honours), George Brown College (Screenwriting Certificate), Second City (Improv Scholarship), Meisner Technique, Physical Theatre, and many, many acting classes.

TEACHING:  University of Toronto, Sheridan College, Banff Centre, Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Armstrong Acting Studios, Toronto District School Board, Full Sutton Prison in England, many more.

AFFILIATIONS:  Canadian Media Guild, ACTRA, Writers Guild of Canada.

INTERESTS:  Comedy, science (especially medicine & evolutionary biology), pop culture, film, books, journalism, singing & composition, design, furniture refinishing, food, early childhood education, diversity, medicine, Web 2.0, environmentalism, social justice, brunch, viral marketing, competitive dodgeball (Guinness World Record Holder).


CLIENTS:  In various capacities (as a director, actor, host, writer, consultant, and producer), Stamp’s client list includes the following:


Nicole Stamp lives in Toronto, loves to work, and is always willing to travel.

She can be reached at stampworks (at) gmail (dot) com.



Here are some projects produced, written, and directed by Nic Stamp.

Because of Nic’s killer storytelling chops boundless energy, excellent management skills, progressive viewpoints, and incisive decision-making abilities, she is often hired in multiple roles, for instance, to direct, write, and host on a single project, nurturing a concept right from its inception.

Video Producer – For A Good Time Call – Audience reactions at the Canadian premiere
“I produced, directed and wrote this video promoting “For A Good Time Call”, a zany, female-buddy comedy.  My VP at Alliance said, “This is the best audience reaction video we’ve ever seen”, and Alliance decided to increase the budget to promote it on YouTube.”

Video Producer – Dredd 3D at TIFF
“I produced, directed, wrote, and hosted this promo for the Midnight Madness TIFF red carpet premiere of this fun, raucous superhero movie.  I incorporated a Dredd street stunt that was going on at the same time (which I also co-produced via the ad agency I was working with).  I cast and outfitted two ginormous biker dudes dressed as Judge Dredd, who were nice/terrifying enough to play along.”

Video Producer – Bear Muffs – Promo for Bear Flag Wine 
“I produced and directed this promo showing a fun street stunt for Gallo’s Bear Flag Wine. Two 7-foot tall bears got into mischief and gave out “Bear Muffs” earmuffs while driving social media engagement. The client was really pleased with the social feedback from this video- it was 2012 which was relatively early in the lifespan of Twitter and it got the highest organic social reach of any project they’d done.”

Writing sample – Online Review of The Lobster
I wrote this review for the Tribute Media TIFF blog, syndicated to MSN.com, in September 2015. Just over a year later, and just as I predicted, this film was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz star in The Lobster, an utterly weird, supremely smart, and dark-yet hopeful exploration of our endless desperation for romance. Singles check into a hotel where they must find a spouse in 45 days, or be turned into an animal. Strange yet logical, and at once bone-dry, brutal, and sweetly optimistic, it’ll wow viewers who swoon for surreal fare like Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Synedoche, New York, or Being John Malcovitch. The Lobster won the Jury Prize at Cannes; an Oscar for Best Screenplay will likely follow.  Olivia Colman manages the proceedings with dry British whimsy and Léa Seydoux shines as a magnetic, predatory outsider, while Colin Farrell’s delicate yearning and Rachel Weisz’s soulful strength anchor the film with awkward tenderness. This is a bizarre but beautiful winner.  -Nicole Stamp

Video Producer – Seven Psychopaths at TIFF
“I produced, directed, wrote, and hosted this video, at the TIFF Midnight Madness red carpet. It’s a high-energy heist movie, so I included goofy streeter interviews with the long lineup of TIFF patrons. I always try to reflect the target demographic in videos like these (in this case, men age 15-30) while also injecting some diversity and unexpected fun details.

One little interesting detail- Christopher Walken doesn’t care to speak with red carpet press and I could see he planned to walk by the entire line without comment. I quickly researched him on my phone and found his wife’s name. While he ignored hundreds of people yelling CHRISTOPHER, I yelled GEORGIANNE! He whipped his head around to me; I stuck out my hand for a handshake, and gently reeled him in just for a moment. Of 40 journalists and hundreds of fans on that red carpet, I was the only person he spoke to.”

Video Producer – Silver Linings Playbook at TIFF
“I produced, directed, wrote, and hosted this video. We’d planned to interview Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper, but we arrived to learn our press pass had fallen through, and we had zero access to talent. While on-location, I re-wrote the entire segment so the promo would be engaging- even without meeting the stars in person.”

Voice Director – Come Home To Mazda

I directed the voiceover sessions (both in English and in French) for these great MAZDA spots. My French is good though not fluent, so I scheduled the English spots first for maximum familiarity with the material. Since French typically requires about 20% more words than the same thought expressed in English, the process of fitting the longer French text into the already-edited visuals was a fun challenge. We made it work!

Tribute at TIFF 2015

Because I’ve worked in so many roles, I’m able to provide a full slate of services- directing, writing, producing, edit supervision, and on-camera coaching or performance.

In September 2015, I covered TIFF for Tribute Media, filling the roles of 10 employees:

I directed, wrote, associate-produced, researched, and hosted a series of red carpet features covering major TIFF films.  I also hired and trained crew members, art directed, wrote web copy, and supervised post-production.

I also whacked George Clooney in the face (gently!) with my microphone.

george clooney microphone tribute nicole stamp

We were able to bring the series to fruition at a fraction of the projected budget, during a week in which I also interviewed about 100 different TIFF personalities in the Tribute Media Suite… a challenge, but so satisfying!

Here are the videos:

Our Brand Is Crisis – featuring George Clooney’s nose getting bonked

Black Mass – featuring a sleepy Johnny Depp

The Danish Girl – Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne talks about gender

Legend – Chazz Palmienteri on this British gangster flick

The Martian – Matt Damon and Ridley Scott doing rocket science

Demolition – Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and a Gyllenhall-alike



Short comedic film: Two puppets and their puppeteers, on a first date.

3 principal actors + 10 extras + 30 collaborators + 4 locations + 3 days.

8 mins.  Shot on DSLR, with glidecam.  Created with Splinter Unit Film Collective.  Written with Daniel Falk.

Roles: Director / Co-writer  / Associate Producer / Puppet Character Design / Post-Production Supervisor / Voice Director.

Please email stampworks (at) gmail (dot) com for the link & password to watch this film. You can totally watch it!  But I can’t publicly post it online before it premieres at a film festival.  You know how that goes.

Theatre Director

I have directed over 40 new plays.  Here are some shows I’ve worked on, and some praise they received:

Nicole Stamp DirectorCHRISTIAN VALUES (Toronto Fringe)
“Director Nicole Stamp gives a snappy production with smart, ingenious details that always match what’s happening in a scene. Christian Values has a Mamet-induced rhythm and a grace that’s catchy and hypnotic.”
N N N N – Now Magazine.  NOW’s year-end: “Best Direction”, “Best Ensemble Cast”.  NOW Magazine Cover Story.

TEN THINGS (SummerWorks) 
horoughly charming- not to be missed!  A lovely, romantic two-hander, funny and sad and sweet, but never cloying.  The most adorable (and convincing) onstage couple I’ve ever seen.”  – National Post.  “Director Nicole Stamp’s script has a lot of charm, and the chemistry is believeable and winning.”  Critics’ Pick: “Best Ensemble Cast”, NOW Magazine.

Harkin Brown LeRoux Friesen Goodman FIRST HAND WOMANFIRST HAND WOMAN (NYC Fringe)
“Recommended at the Fringe” – New York Times.  “Fringe NYC Best Bet!” – Theatre is Easy.  “A must-see!” – Gotham Magazine.  “For an authentically great experience, drop everything and go see@FirstHandWoman.” – Tweeted by Samantha Bee of The Daily Show.  

“Nicole Stamp’s fine direction allows for movement without sacrificing the claustrophobic tone.”  Critic’s Pick, “Best of 2000”, Eye Magazine.

stamp nicole

BETTER PARTS (Theatre Passe Muraille season; toured in Toronto, Montreal, USA, UK)

“Better Parts is intoxicatingly written and joyously performed!” – Globe & Mail.  “The comedy here is clever, yet still down to earth… Excellent and engaging!” – Montreal Gazette.  “A total joy! Funny, enchantingly light, and sure of touch.  One of the few successful examples of meta-theatre I’ve ever encountered.” – National Post.  N N N N, NOW Magazine.

YAPPING OUT LOUD (Buddies 2005 Season, NYC Tour)
“…a striking and complex blend of pedagogy and fiction; writer Mirha-Soleil Ross, along with director Nicole Stamp, have to be congratulated on their success in bringing it off. Ross cites Stamp as an important part of her show’s development.” – Xtra Magazine.

Winner – Shobu Sketch Comedy Contest.

PRESENT TENSE (SummerWorks)    
“Directed with panache by Nicole Stamp!” – Toronto Star.  “Crtitic’s Pick for Best Ensemble Cast” – NOW Magazine.