TVO KIDS – TVOntario

TVO Kids is a live-to-air interstitial TV show. It’s broadcast live, with no air delay.

I was a director there for 6 years, and in total have directed over 450 segments, each about 1-2 minutes long.

Multi-camera control room (4 cameras), with 2 hosts, multiple guests, live callers.

The playful format involves many extra elements, including roll-ins, video effects, sound effects, chromakey, chyron, wipes, splitscreen, etc.  A typical segment used a special effect every 5-10 seconds.

This show is 30% scripted and 70% improvised, then shot live-to-air, with a segment going live every 5-30 minutes, all afternoon.  In between these live segments, we also pre-taped and packaged other projects.  It’s a delicate ballet- or a bit chaotic.  Fun!

Role:  Director / Producer (PD2)