Furniture Refinishing

Refinishing old furniture is my second favourite hobby (let’s be honest, my first love is and ever will be dodgeball). I have a DIY design show in development, so I thought I’d include photos of a few of my pieces:

6. Stamp - Two-toned aqua dresser with leather handles

My company is called Antidote Furniture: one of a kind pieces, the antidote to boring, mass-produced furniture.

7. Stamp - Walnut dresser with faceted hardware

2. Stamp - Royal blue secretary desk

I love the thrill of the hunt- choosing roughed-up old pieces with good bones.

4. Stamp - Aqua and red art deco cabinet with bakelite handles
I love peering at them for a couple days, visualizing how to make them sing.

3. Stamp - Black walnut refinished midcentury dresser
I love researching new finishing techniques and products.

1. Stamp - Tall aqua cabinet with scrollwork

I love tolerate all the sanding, painting, vapours, and mess of refinishing.

8. Stamp - Mahogany and royal blue cabinetI love seeing the final product come together.

4. Stamp - Aqua and red art deco cabinet with bakelite handles

5. Stamp - Deep blue buffet with copper handles

10. Stamp - Art deco refinished marquetry dresser with leather handles

9. Stamp - Three-toned aqua dresser with mirror

You can see all my projects at