Tribute at TIFF 2015

Because I’ve worked in so many roles, I’m able to provide a full slate of services- directing, writing, producing, edit supervision, and on-camera coaching or performance.

In September 2015, I covered TIFF for Tribute Media, filling the roles of 10 employees:

I directed, wrote, associate-produced, researched, and hosted a series of red carpet features covering major TIFF films.  I also hired and trained crew members, art directed, wrote web copy, and supervised post-production.

I also whacked George Clooney in the face (gently!) with my microphone.

george clooney microphone tribute nicole stamp

We were able to bring the series to fruition at a fraction of the projected budget, during a week in which I also interviewed about 100 different TIFF personalities in the Tribute Media Suite… a challenge, but so satisfying!

Here are the videos:

Our Brand Is Crisis – featuring George Clooney’s nose getting bonked

Black Mass – featuring a sleepy Johnny Depp

The Danish Girl – Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne talks about gender

Legend – Chazz Palmienteri on this British gangster flick

The Martian – Matt Damon and Ridley Scott doing rocket science

Demolition – Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and a Gyllenhall-alike